Nicki Minaj f/ Drake, Lil Wayne, & Chris Brown “Over”

UPDATE: CDQ/Dirty/No Tags version below.

Nicki Minaj: “I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake. All my life for fuck sake.”

Drake: “I never fucked Nicki because she got a man. But when thats over I’m first in line.”

Lil Wayne: “I never fucked Nicki & thats fucked up. If I did fuck she would be fucked up.”

Oh! Got it. So why isn’t this song called “Friend Zone”?

All jokes aside, the above 3 rap over this minimalist production alongside Chris Brown who provides a sort of hook bridge with some quality reverb enhancing the delivery. Each of their verses get about as blunt as can be to address the always circulating rumors that Nicki is with one of her Young Money rappers. I get it, there’s some shock value to that for sure. But I listened to it once, now doubt it’s going to hold longevity in my rotation.

And each of the three had more moments throughout their verses. Though I thought Nicki’s Lance Stephenson punchline was ultimately kind of lame, I do enjoy any NBA reference. Drake’s fantasies were at least accompanied by some interesting delivery to have it feel real. And I like Wayne’s first few bars after his first line. At this point, you gotta hear this one for yourselves.

The Pink Print, now pushed back to December 15th.