Jim Kwik: The Success Formula

Indigo Minute

This is our new video series called “Indigo Minute” where we interview leading experts that teach various biology hacks to becoming your Greatest Self. Indigo Minute is also a trumpet call to participate in a world experiment of unified thought, by setting a collective intention for #WorldPeace and #AbundanceForAll. THE CHALLENGE: Everyday @ 3:33 Imagine World Peace and Abundance For All for one minute.

We’re excited to deliver the information in these interviews to the Hip Hop world, because we know it will benefit all artists and fans alike in following their dreams and overcoming fears. Our first interview is with Jim Kwik, a mental coach to leaders in education, entertainment, technology, and business for over 20 years.

Jim Kwik: The Success Formula

Your Powerful Presence comes from being Powerfully Present.  — Jim Kwik

During this interview Jim talks about ‘The Success Formula’ and the real secrets to a faster, smarter, better brain by unlocking your inner genius to live the life you desire and deserve.

Join us in looking at some of the practical and powerful tools to BioHack yourself into being the Super Hero You that lies within..

Jim Kwik x Maks G
Jim Kwik x Maks G

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