T-Pain sings without autotune in NPR concert

T-Pain singing… without autotune?!

The interwebs picked up on this within the last 24 hours or so as T-Pain flexed an excellent singing voice in an unplugged style concert for NPR. It shocked so many people that I actually got a Snapchat from a friend in disbelief over it yesterday. That’s saying something for me since my friends and I don’t really use Snapchat like that.

Me though? I’m not that surprised. Autotune was T-Pain’s niche about 7 years ago, but that doesn’t mean he can’t sing. He was just the first to popularize the heavy use of it in pop music. It became quickly tiresome at the time, but when artists like Kanye West struck the perfect balance of autotune as an instrument, I was back in. It’s interesting to think of autotune back then, and now how it’s used today, isn’t it?