Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf “Shady Cypher”

Whoooo! Rap fans, this should be your first stop this week. The Shady Cypher is an 18 minute video of the best new a capellas from the entire roster. All four members of Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, and Eminem himself. Across the next 18 minutes you’ll visit all of the artists’ hometowns starting with King Crooked (the new name for Crooked I?) in the LBC. Joe Budden, Yelawolf, and Joell Ortiz follow before Royce Da 5’9″ and Eminem conclude things in Detroit.

Let me first say that everyone has their moments throughout. I liked a little more than others, but everyone got to deliver their personal story in a clever way. For example, though it ran a little long, Yelawolf got to share what he’s been up to in this little hiatus, expounding on his family and dwelling that’s fit for him. Similarly, Joell Ortiz dropped a series of lines about his come-up cleverly incorporating simple mathematics. I chuckled at a lot of those, ha.

But the cream of the crop was Eminem himself.

He took over the last 7 minutes and killed it with a flurry of complex diction and wordplay with the edge of the fiery Eminem we all fell in love with 15 years ago. Plus, it was all easy to follow and understand even for how fast Em was rapping at times. Furthering the skill and nostalgia were some outrageous name-drops and references to current events (like the Ray Rice scandal) as Em proved yet again that no one can do it quite like him. Flat out, this is your must-watch for today.