Empathy Test “Holding On”

Previously 2 for 2… now 3 for 3, Empathy Test has another excellent preview of their forthcoming Throwing Stones EP with “Holding On” below.

In fact, it’s my favorite of the 3 thus far.

The U.K. synthpop duo extends their sound and song structure with “Holding On”. The instrumental is first and foremost an instant hit. The quick rhythm, layers on the hook (a constant in their work), and the solo instrumental moments are all on point. The latter creates that unique structure and it really works; I love the flow of the song. Turn up the volume and feel the energy and vibrations here.

Vocally and lyrically, the song is no slouch either. There’s a variance between a low pitch on the verses and high pitch for the chorus. Said chorus is a great one too and emphasizes the visual you can create from the lyrics before it. The balance of specifics versus ambiguity works to draw your own parallels. Lastly, it’s that “Holding on to you” line of the chorus that will be stuck in your head after just one listen. In fact, “Holding On”, the song, is already on multiple listens for me. Now I really can’t wait for the what’s to come on the full Throwing Stones EP come December 9th.

*Tibs Fav. 

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