Eminem “Lose Yourself (Demo Version)”

After the quick videos that brilliantly promoted it, we can now listen to the full demo version of Eminem‘s Oscar-winning hit “Lose Yourself”.

As Shady mentioned in the videos, he completely forgot he laid this down back then until recently. The unearthed, decade-old (plus) version is 3 minutes long below with never before heard… well, everything but the beat. The core of the beat is at least there for Eminem to start rapping on the same theme as the original. The chorus we all know and love wasn’t fully developed yet either. Let’s just say this last part of the chorus, though a great message, is not as catchy. Therefore, all things considered above, this is a completely strange, yet very cool, discovering listen.

One last note: don’t listen to this demo with expectations of it being better. After all, if it was, it would have been the version that came out. Ha! That said, just listen to the demo while imagining the creative process of Eminem writing these rhymes. The theme, melodies, and the song’s overall ingredients are laid down below for what soon became, arguably, Eminem’s biggest song of his career.


*Tibs Fav.

Shady XV drops on Tuesday, November 24th. The video to the final version is below for nostalgia’s sake. Probably my favorite song ever.

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h/t HHDX