Krewella hints at new music, plans to fight Rain Man lawsuit

Krewella’s silence since the top of October when the trio-now-duo’s former DJ/producer Rain Man sued sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf is now over.

Rain Man’s lawsuit on the sisters was for a whopping $5 million and put his former groupmates in a terrible light for alleged mistreatment. Yasmine wrote a heartfelt open letter to her fans saying they couldn’t yet share their side of the story due to the legal mess, but appreciated the support and those who didn’t rush to judgment.

That was review. Now on Sunday, it looks like Yazzy & Jahan are speaking out… because it says so on their Twitter. I’ma tune in.

They are also fighting the lawsuit with a counter-suit of their own against Rain Man deeming his actions were “grossly negligent” and he had “violated his duty of care to Krewella Music LLC.” More details, including a claim that Kris was “pretending to DJ”, are here.

Adding to the intrigue was their updated profile pictures on social media yesterday. The Krew went all-black with this first square image, cleverly reading “Say Goodbye” (clean! Turn up the brightness on your screen if you are lost…) and perhaps debuting a new logo.



However it turns out, I know it’ll be for the best and we at Gowhere sincerely extend our support for peace between parties and fulfillment in their music careers and lives. We remember the Krew from the beginning here in Chicago so no doubt this turn of events was heart-wrenching for us and their legions of fans alike.

Ending things on a lighthearted/happy note, I discovered this GIF while searching for an image of Yazzy and Jahan, ha!