Krewella “Say Goodbye”

Much has been said, assumed, and unfortunately concluded about Krewella’s much-publicized split last month when DJ/producer Rain Man sued sisters Jahan & Yasmine for $5 million dollars.

The sisters have remained silent beyond a statement that basically said, we can’t talk now because it’s a legal matter but we can’t wait for our side of the story to tell the truth. Over the weekend, that changed, somewhat, as a counter-suit against Rain Man was made public on Friday and tonight: the release of their new single “Say Goodbye”.

Yazzy and Jahan let their music do the talking and boy, does this song talk loud above.

“Say Goodbye” clearly addresses the fallout and displays the distraught, disheartening, and angry emotions that the ladies have been feeling. The verses expound on what the chorus says:

it still kills me
that I can’t change things
but I’m still dreaming
I’ll rewrite the ending
so you’ll take back the lies
before we say our goodbyes, say our goodbyes

It’s not only the in-your-face statement, but the way it’s delivered in such a catchy fashion that I’ve had this on repeat tonight purely because of this chorus. Krewella goes with a new sound as well — a pop/punk, drum & bass fusion with a frenetic pace that especially compliments the “one word before I break” last verse perfectly. Whoo, that last line is an experience I don’t want to spoil for you.

By now, you can surely guess I enjoyed this and I hope you’re pressing play. And hey, you know what they say, sometimes the dark times inspire the most amazing art. I feel the rawness and realness in “Say Goodbye” and no doubt, that authenticity is what helps take this song to the next level for me. I look forward to what Jahan and Yasmine will have to say in interviews or how they see fit eventually, but to hear it poured out in the music tells a lot about their emotions and mindset already. I was naturally raising my eyebrow at the Rain Man lawsuit when it came out, just based on knowing all 3 of them to a certain extent over the years. It was disheartening to see some of their fans dismiss the old adage that “there’s 2 sides to every story” and attack the sisters for what was said, especially when something this accusatory really deserves that other side to at least be heard. Once again, in due time, as “Say Goodbye” is a loud first indicator.

“Say Goodbye” is also my pick for my song/post of the night — a busy and entertaining one that included the AMAs, Lil Wayne’s new single, Odell Beckham’s catch of the year, and Waka Flocka’s commercial for cough drops. Peruse the homepage for all that and more.

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