Gowhere You Love Shirt — Buy Now

BUY HERE: thepresent.me

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We’re proud to announce the next evolution of Gowhere Hip Hop called The Present.

The Present is a collection of contemporary design pieces, representative of the present moment.

* * *

The first release of The Present is the Gowhere You Love shirt.

This is a limited, original design to rep Kanye West, Chicago, and our message to Gowhere You Love.

Buy here: thepresent.me (All Black Friday purchases include a free Jordan keychain from Grails.)
Buy here: thepresent.me (Cyber Monday BONUS: free Jordan keychain from Grails.)

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We would like to thank you for your continued support of Gowhere Hip Hop and now… The Present! Shouts to our friend @michiojames for the collab!