Diddy vs. Drake in Miami

Conflicting reports on the cause, but a bunch of eyewitness accounts say that Diddy slapped or punched Drake outside Club LIV last night in Miami.

MMG’s DJ Sam Sneaker said that Drake had to go to the hospital with a separated shoulder and that the fight was¬†not about Cassie. Breakfast Club also recaps it below, more via TMZ.

More Drake drama this weekend as, in case you missed it,¬†Chris Brown accused Karrueche of cheating on him with Drake while Chris was locked up. He later apologized to Karrueche saying he was out of line and emotional. Drake also denied it to TMZ saying he was only talking to Karrueche to hook up with one of her friends. Ha! I don’t even know man.


UPDATE: Two more reports on the Drake-Diddy fight today are confirming that Drake went to the ER for his shoulder, a re-injury, and that the fight was over the “0 to 100” beat.

Via TMZ:

Our sources say, producer Boi-1da had given both Diddy and Drake a song to record more than 8 months ago. We’re told Diddy sat on the song, which frustrated Drake because he wanted to record it. So recently Drake recorded the song on his own and it did well, which pissed Diddy off.

Diddy saw Drake at LIV Monday for the first time since the song was released. Sources close to Diddy say he confronted Drake, who just blew him off, and that’s when Diddy said, “You’ll never disrespect me again,” and then punched him.

We’re told Drake ended up at an ER because in the ruckus he hit his shoulder and exacerbated an old injury.

Via E!:

“Diddy goes up to Drake’s car and asks him to roll his window down. Drake rolls it down. They start talking and then Drake gets out of the car and they continue talking,” one source tells E! News and adds that all of a sudden, Diddy hit Drake. Security rushed the scene and the eyewitness says Diddy went back inside the club and acted like nothing happened.

UPDATE 2: Video surfaces of Diddy saying “0 to 100” was stolen from him, and Drake puts up a cryptic Instagram photo, with his shoulder hidden under a robe. Shouldn’t he look more IDGAF than sad though?


They're either talking shit about you or stealing the shit you're talking…either way the name been poppin

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