Lion Babe EP

Lion Babe first impressed with their Childish Gambino featured “Jump Hi”. The New York duo of the producer, Lucas Goodman, and singer Jillian Hervey, now impact with their self-titled debut EP.

After one listen, it’s easy to get swept up into Jillian’s sultry vocals that remain consistent over an easy-listening fusion of soul, hip hop patterns, and even some reggae. Here’s where you should start today if you’re browsing Gowhere for some new music.

I also enjoyed this tidbit and quote from the press release:

Hervey and Goodman first connected at a Northeastern University college party (“I was super-nervous and awkward,” Hervey recalls), then crossed paths once both were living in New York. “It was inevitable for me to be in the arts,” says Hervey, whose mother is the singer-actor Vanessa Williams. Goodman, who took up guitar at age 11, concurs: “The goal was always to be creative for a living. What’s better?”