Westbrook vs. Curry (Full Highlights)

The TNT doubleheader tonight did not disappoint.

That’s easier for me to say since I’m a Bulls fan, admittedly, because the Knicks-Bulls were without Melo and D. Rose, but Jimmy Butler put in a career-high 35 points for a Bulls win that went down to the wire.

Ah, I quickly digressed. That’s probably a personal record for how fast I brought up the Bulls. But back to the headline at hand…

The most entertaining game of the night was the nightcap: Oklahoma City at Golden State. The star power was on full display as Kevin Durant had 30 points at halftime but had to leave the game just before it after spraining his right ankle. It looks like it’s mild though and Durant is confident it’s not a long-term injury.

So providing the show for the entire game were the teams’ all-star point guards. Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry combined for 67 points and 15 assists with a flurry of signature moves and ridiculous baskets along the way.

Westbrook’s pull-up mid-range jumper was pure tonight and Steph Curry’s treys were all equally as pretty. That one where he takes the handoff from Iggy in transition was bonkers.

The Warriors held on to win, 114-109, with Curry putting in 34 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists, and 4 steals. As J.E. Skeets would say, “Whoa Boy!”