Vinnie DeWayne “Rites of Passage EP: Before the Scholar” [Mixtape]

Chicago spitter Vinnie Dewayne drops his third official release “Rites of Passage EP”. The St. John’s scholar features production by DJ Cones, I.P., and The Synthesis. More on the release below.

The Rites of Passage EP: Before the Scholar is the third release from the St. John’s Scholar, Vinnie Dewayne. Pairing up again with producers Dj Cones, I.P. and Bobwire of All-Terrain Music, Dewayne takes listeners over the bridge and into the true heart of St. John’s, Portland through his eyes. Dewayne’s spits reality about the struggle, relationships, and realities of life that transcend all time and place. The juxtaposition of consistent production style and lyrical content make this a strong addition to Vinnie Dewayne’s catalog. This project will lead to his upcoming album “The St. John’s Scholar” which will be released Spring 2015.