Lupe Fiasco ‘Tetsuo & Youth’ (Album Stream)

*bump* Here’s a new, one-hour long sit-down interview between Lupe and DJ Skee which covers… honestly, everything. I was hooked from the first 10 minutes where Lupe discusses why now for the album, the cover itself, rapping for the love of the art, and later on… more about his beef with Kid Cudi, advice from Jay Z, and the state of Chicago. Very, very interesting.


Out today: Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth.

In what is Lupe’s last album with Atlantic, he delivers (no pun intended) one of his most complex pieces to date. It’s certainly one to sit with and digest Lupe’s lyrics, metaphors, and messages. As he said this weekend to Billboard, “Deliver” is his most straightforward song on the album. And even that’s heavy on deeper meanings.

I’ve listened to the album a few times now and appreciate the production (for the most part) and above all: Lupe’s lyricism. That’s why I still listen to his new music in an instant, after all. That said, this is once again going to be an album that will grow over 10, 20, 30 listens as I have found myself rewinding for lines early on.

Some early personal favorites (aside from the previews):  “Mural”, “Prisoner 1 & 2”, “Body of Work”, “No Scratches”, and “They.Ressurrect.Over.New.”

Be on the lookout also for Lupe performing on Late Night with Seth Meyers tomorrow night!