Lupe Fiasco “Deliver” on Seth Meyers

Lupe’s IG and Twitter were full of promo the past couple days in anticipation of last night’s first ever performance of “Deliver” on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

I had a trio of questions, in addition to one overarching feeling:

For one, Lu’s pace is as fast as ever, on verses 2 and 3 especially. Pun intended, but how would he deliver these verses specifically?

Two, Lupe drops a lot of ninja words so how would he or the TV sensors get around that? (Answer: Lupe is a master self-censor. He leaves a blank space in rhythm, somehow. The keen listener who knows the song already will notice, then notice the smoothness. The casual listener may wonder aloud… does he mean “ninja”?)

Three, will Ty Dolla $ign join him for backgrounds? (Nope, but we were treated to our first look at PJ + a full choir for the hook. Not to mention Lu’s band, always on point too (I see ya, Bam!) Well done, everyone involved.)

Lastly, the overarching feeling… I love how Lupe has this national stage to perform this undoubtedly ear-catching piece of social commentary. I can imagine the casual viewer, and the casual Lupe fan’s reaction being sheer appreciation. Especially as Lupe answered question number one by not missing a beat, or a word (save for the aforementioned ninja words.) Pretty much flawless, Lupe. Here’s to all the new listeners taking notice and checking out Tetsuo & Youth.