Detroit vs. Everybody (Official Video)

Everybody’s back in Detroit for the “Detroit vs. Everybody” video as Royce, Sean, Danny Brown, and Em all spit their verses in various grimy areas of the city, with a consistent use of the rapper hands throughout, might I add. Dej Loaf spits the hook from the most glamorous of the settings, a rooftop overlooking the city in the sunshine. I thought it would be especially powerful if all the emcees were in the background for just the last version of the hook. It could have driven home the unity theme of the record even more, but I’m sure logistics played a part in a group scene not happening.

There was a group scene at the end as Trick-Trick spits the outro with a lot of the hungry up and comers behind him. Lovin’ the R.I.P. Proof shirt here, I got that one myself. You’re talkin’ to the guy who started the R.I.P. Proof Facebook group back when that was a thing.

Still a fan of this song when I hear it, which I oddly kept coming back to when Jalen Rose kept referencing it during the Pistons winning streak after waiving Josh Smith. Ha!

*Tibs Fav.