J. Ivy “I Need To Write”

I feel like this is for anyone who creatively expresses themselves in any format. For J. Ivy, it’s writing, and it’s reciting.

Here is “I Need To Write” as J speaks to us about his passion and using this tool to express himself, his emotions, and remain at peace. Again, I feel like really anyone can relate. The pieces is delivered on a beautiful sunny day and captured through the lens of Cam Be. This new Camovement is spliced with the written words J. Ivy speaks and it’s a cool effect that only further drives the message home. Job well-done by all parties involved — another new excerpt from J. Ivy’s milestone book release this week, Dear Father: Breaking The Cycle of Pain. Go get that if you’re inspired up above!

An added coolness to this: J. Ivy wants to hear from you. Do you need to write too? Submit your letter to DearFatherLetters.com.

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