adidas x Kanye | YEEZY SEASON 1

Official video of the fashion show + “Wolves” in its highest quality yet (starts at 8:19).

I gotta admit, I first thought the live trumpet and military formations was a little weird but that quickly grew on me. There’s a clear continuity in the colors and style and a few pieces stand out for me.

For one, there are the Yeezy Boost Lows and the Yeezy Boots (unofficial titles). I prefer the boots seen below.


Other pieces I enjoy: the crop tops for women and literally all the camo. My free spending self would cop a camo jacket, the Boots and the Boosts.

More photos of the Yezzy Boost Lows and Yeezy Season 1 Collection are on the tumblr —

First impressions of “Wolves” + more details from earlier today are here. (Spoiler: I really like “Wolves”.)