NBA All-Star Game Highlights

The NBA All-Star Game concluded at Madison Square Garden with a West victory, 163-158 — the highest ever point total in All-Star Game history. The exhibition also featured the highest number of made (and attempted) 3-pointers and though the looseness of the game was tough to watch sometimes, the game was not without its highlights.

Leading the way was Russell Westbrook who scored a game-high 41 points, 1 shy of the all-time record set by Wilt Chamberlain, and took home MVP honors in the process. His montage of highlights are above with the notable one being his alley-oop where he hit his head on the backboard. Ouch, wow.

Down below, a flurry of videos that features Steph’s gorgeous dribbling exhibition, impressive oops from LeBron and James Harden, and possibly even more of an impressive oop from Dirk Nowitzki (with the perfect post-dunk celebration.) Finally, the mic’d up video is worth a look because Steve Kerr with Tim Duncan is hilarious.

A cool, historic moment for the game was at the opening tip wherein brothers Pau and Marc Gasol tipped off against each other. They were the second set of brothers in all-star game history and the first time the brothers were starters. Pau clearly the better Gasol, it’s been determined.

As a Bulls fan here, we gotta show love to the hometown. Great to see Pau and Jimmy Butler reppin’! Now to look ahead to the second half..!

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