Raz Simone “Drake & Macklemore’s Platform”

The last few drops from Raz Simone have been spot on. 2015 looks like it could very well be a big breakout year for Raz. Enjoy a few of his latest video releases above and below.

After getting everyone’s attention last week with 50,000+ views on his new video titled “Macklemore & Chief Keef”, Raz Simone is back with new music/visuals. A beauty of hip hop is it’s ability to provide a platform for it’s biggest artists to help lead a young generation with their words. Consider this Raz’s argument as to why he is best qualified to be that next leader for hip hop.

Changing pace from crafting songs with original production and movie scores, Raz Simone takes over “No Tellin” and puts his own memorable touch on it.