Childish Gambino on the creative process

Childish Gambino was just featured in a new interview with Billboard and the focus was on the creative process, especially amidst a flurry of different projects that Gambino is involved in. From acting, writing, recording, and touring, Gambino does it all and provides a little insight into how he’s such a good multi-tasker. Salvador Dali then makes sense as a chief inspiration. I’m sure all of us can relate to multi-tasking in some ways… I feel do whatever works for you, whether it’s blending it all together or just focusing on the one thing.

Here’s an excerpt and more from the interview here*:

How I Work
“In my house, I have an empty room: I have my studio there, a whiteboard with the Atlanta scripts, a canvas for painting and all my albums and DJ equipment. I wake up every morning and I start grabbing things — spray-painting the walls, recording, writing. They’re all connected for me. It’s all about trying to get to the bottom of what being a human is.”

My Multihyphenate Hero
“Once for spring break I went to St. Petersburg [Fla.], which is wack, but I wanted to be around old people. (Laughs.) And there’s a Salvador Dali museum there. I wrote a postcard to myself that said, ‘Never forget Dali.’ He would paint, do sculpture, ­architecture, film, photography.”

*Billboard also says Gambino is recording for his third studio album!