Kanye West receives BET Visionary Award

Autoplay ALERT! Scroll down real quick and press pause, there’s no getting around this.

Taped last January and airing earlier tonight, Kanye West received the BET Visionary Award and was honored extensively at the 2015 BET Honors.

Upon acceptance, Kanye delivered an 8/9 minute speech that was edited for TV. The full, uncut version is below and, is as you’d expect, a gripping talk. Kanye, in a calm, deliberate demeanor focused on racism and creativity throughout. Though the first half or so had spliced in a couple LOL moments, the latter half is what really resonated with me. Kanye spoke on the micro of races vs. the macro of the human race — a recurring theme in his recent interviews.

He continues to touch on the idea of becoming slaves to the idea of wealth and for black youth, you can only make it as a baller or a rapper. Kanye reminds us to why not try and become an owner. It quite honestly reminded me of this video that expresses the idea that there’s this controlling image being portrayed to the youth and we’re blindly accepting it. I am beginning to see more of this ideal being communicated in various fashions like these couple of examples and I have no doubt it’ll continue.

Lastly, Kanye talks on creativity and how you should never let anyone call your idea stupid or crazy and make sure that your idea gets realized to the fullest. This is all just my paraphrasing. Watch the man himself deliver it below.


Prior to his acceptance, this video tribute aired and featured Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Don C, his wife Kim, and even Kanye himself talking about being a visionary. Pay attention to the 2:24 mark where Kanye says he wishes he could do it all anonymously and just wants to make art that impacts the world. Respect!


Finally, we end things on a lighter and equally as awesome note. Wayne Brady did what Will Smith & Jimmy Fallon just did by creating a beat and then performing to it live. Wherein Will & Jimmy beat boxed then performed “It Takes Two”, Wayne Brady used words from Kanye and Usher in the front row as samples and then delivered a pretty amazing song right on the spot. The best part was the end, especially as Kanye increasingly was vibing to it. Very cool.


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