Kenny and Warren G “Regulate”

I was waiting for Jimmy Kimmel Live’s new #MashupMonday series to involve a rapper and this was about as great and unforeseen choice and combo that I could have imagined.

Kimmel teamed up Warren G with saxophonist Kenny G for a rendition of “Regulate”. This means that Kenny G dazzles with his soprano sax over Nate Dogg’s smooth hook. The smoothness of the song in general, performed well by Warren G too, is very adaptable for the sax and I was honestly grooving in my seat watching this. The awesomeness of this needs no more words… so just watch above.

Kimmel was on fire the whole night actually as Kobe Bryant was a guest and his reaction to the viral Lakers post-game interview the other night after beating the Celtics was absolutely absolutely priceless. (that’s right, 2 absolutely’s.)

And actually, the whole show is pretty much going up here. Chrissy Teigen was the other guest and she has a magic trick. Then, Guillermo at the Oscars was probably the best red carpet interviews I’ve ever seen, ha!