IYRTITL songs all chart on Billboard

Literally every song is on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Plus 4 songs he’s featured on. This 21 total songs is, as you’d assume a record. Drake stayin on top in 2015.

No. 4 – “Only,” Nicki Minaj featuring Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown
No. 5 – “Truffle Butter,” Nicki Minaj, featuring Drake & Lil Wayne
No. 9 – “Energy”
No. 16 – “Tuesday,” iLOVEMAKONNEN, featuring Drake
No. 17 – “Legend”
No. 19 – “10 Bands”
No. 22 – “Blessings,” Big Sean, featuring Drake
No. 23 – “Know Yourself” (Debut)
No. 26 – “No Tellin'”
No. 27 – “Preach,” featuring PartyNextDoor
No. 28 – “6 God” (Debut)
No. 29 – “Used To,” featuring Lil Wayne
No. 32 – “Now & Forever”
No. 34 – “6 Man”
No. 38 – “Jungle”
No. 39 – “Star67” (Debut)
No. 40 – “Madonna” (Debut)
No. 42 – “Company” Featuring Travis Scott” (Debut)
No. 43 – “Wednesday Night Interlude” featuring PartyNextDoor (Debut)
No. 45 – “6PM In New York”
No. 49 – “You & The 6” (Debut)

Random aside: the photo above, from Drake’s IG, has OB O’Brien on stage with him in a dope throwback Shawn Kemp jersey. In high school, I wore my own throwback Shawn Kemp jersey to school one day, circa 8th grade or so, and the varsity basketball coach at my high school asked me if I knew how many illegitimate kids Shawn Kemp had fathered? I told him, no, because at the time I didn’t even know what that meant. And he basically chastised me for wearing a Shawn Kemp jersey. This is still such a distinct, unfortunate memory for me, I just had to share. Ha!