Kanye West Clique TV Interview

Above is the latest Kanye West interview as he sits down with France’s Clique TV and talks about a variety of topics amongst the 30 minute sit-down.

Namely, ‘Ye reveals his healthy competition with Drake and how they are pushing each other to make better music — music of which Kanye describes as “radical hits” to come for his new album.

I think healthy competition is better than rivalry, because I think rivalry becomes a cancer. It becomes like termites in your house, but I feel like healthy competition is something where you appreciate how hard this one person goes. Like you know, I think that Michael [Jackson] needed Prince. Everybody needs somebody to kick their ass a little bit.

Another big topic was the concept of racism, which Kanye says is dated. He also provides probably the clearest explanation on why he donned the Confederate flag on his Yeezus Tour merch in 2013.

Finally, a bit of congrats are in order as Kanye West will also be receiving an honorary doctorate from the School of Art Institute in Chicago (co-founder Maks G’s alma mater also) on May 5th. See kids, you can still be a College Dropout and earn your college degree.

All jokes aside, the interview is an entertaining, engaging, and thought-provoking conversation (per usual) so carve out some time today and check it out above.