Lupe Fiasco working on ‘The Cool 2’

How about this for some new age #TBT news?!

Could it be? Lupe Fiasco working on a sequel to his critically acclaimed sophomore album, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool?

Lupe lowkey revealed he’s working on The Cool 2, along with another project previously name-dropped, Skulls, on his Instagram earlier this week. REVOLT uncovered the comments and provides a little more back story below.

“I’m writing Skulls and Cool 2 at the same time,” he responded to a fan about his upcoming plans.He also revealed that both projects will outshine his former releases. “Cool 2 feels really special,” he wrote, before adding, “Scary good.”

In addition, Lupe went on to champion Skulls being better than Tetsuo & Youth, but pointed out, “Cool 2 will be better than both…we’ll see.”

Last year, he revealed the follow up to 2007’s The Cool would be called The Hot, and suggested that the storyline of his character would pick up with his daughter. “If you follow the story of The Cool, he has a daughter and that’s who he was going to see… it leaves off with him being on the train and getting robbed,” he described to MTV in an interview about the project last year. On IG, he didn’t confirm whether or not it will pick up with the daughter, but answered that it will “pick up where he gets robbed.”

Of course, I am one of the many who’s ecstatic at a Cool 2 possibility. After all, it was not long ago that I wrote 3000 words on my personal experience with The Cool when it turned 7 years old. Want to relive the album in the wake of today’s news? There’s no better way than here.