Christine and the Queens “Paradis Perdus (Live)”

So, here’s the story.

I was catching up with a friend over Starbucks the other day and we had previously noticed the wide array of background music. You all probably know. Some jazz, some indie rock, and then there was this…

Specifically, what happens about 2/3 of the way through the video above: a cover of the hook to Kanye’s “Heartless”.

I stopped what I was doing and was as quick to the Shazam app as I’d imagine a parent would be to their crying baby. What was I hearing? A female cover of “Heartless”?!

Shazam worked like a charm and spit out Christine and the Queens “Paradis Perdus”, of which I later YouTube’d when back at the comp. Turns out the first result is this live version that’s actually better than the studio version I briefly heard in Starbucks.

Christine, presumably the vocalist seen above, actually, and very deliberately croons “How could you be so heartless?” in and out of some French lyrics and the line, in and out audibly itself. My anxiety was growing when I hadn’t heard the full hook yet, but when it hits, it’s bone-chilling. I’ll leave it at that to discover alongside myself this week — a video that’s been up since last summer. I wholeheartedly believe Kanye would approve as well.