Bill Murray’s Rick Ross story

Not sure how I missed this when The Weeknd performed the other night, but Bill Murray was also the primary guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Austin for SXSW. One of mine and yours all time favorite comedians didn’t disappoint and the hip hop crossover comes with a brief, yet hilarious tale about working with Rick Ross. Yup, Bill Murray working with Rick Ross. And in the process,¬†Murray lowkey sheds some light on a common (and weak) happening for collaborations.

Below, plenty more clips from Bill Murray’s sit-down with Kimmel. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention his outfit. There’s that. Ha! Plus, I didn’t realize this until now… but damn, looks like Kanye cancelled all his SXSW gigs, the only one confirmed was Kimmel, but no appearances by Ye in Austin this year. Dah well.