Penny Hardaway returns home

A little late #TBT for ya guys with this timeless E:60 documentary segment on one of the most beloved 90s NBA superstars: Penny Hardaway.

This aired around this time last year but I saw it today for the first time when a friend sent it over who, knowing him I know resonated with Penny’s loyalty to a friend and loyalty to home. Given his suggestion and that Penny was one of my favorite non-Bulls growing up, I had an immediate framework of intrigue so I pressed play right away.

As the story was told and developed, I was torn as I felt the emotions (both tough and joyful) and at the end of it, I only appreciate Penny Hardaway even more. It’s a touching watch so definitely carve out the time for it and find out the story for yourself up above! (Best told if you just watch and I leave it at that.)