BK Bambino ‘The Trailer EP’

Following RollingStone’s direction of 10 artists we need to know in March, after noticing Chicago got some love with the insertion of Goodbye Tomorrow (as I acclaimed all throughout here), I also noticed Chicago got even more love. BK Bambino is a new Windy City emcee, 20 years old and possessing an infectious, high energy throughout his new 4 track EP and fun music video for “Sheriff” all below.

I suggest you get to know him too as he dons a fun sheriff costume throughout the Chi in a track that is littered with memorable one-liners (loved his Kobe name-drop, for instance.) I also L3’d (low level laughter… shoutout #TheStarters) at the many fun scenes of him in the costume. Naturally, the video led me to the EP for more, which was a pleasant, and fuller 4 track introduction to BK Bambino.

He comes out firing with the Intro and it’s not just a 1 minute thing either… an actual full track. After “Sheriff”, “Right Now” and the title track “Trailer” follow the same mood with a lot of credit going to producer D. Phelps for the fresh sounds on all 4 tracks. D. Phelps is a frequent Vic Mensa collaborator, which led to some help for Kanye’s upcoming album too. Get to know his stylings with BK Bambino as the two make for a natural fit and should get the party vibes going tonight, this weekend, and beyond. Watch/listen below!