New Eminem in ‘Southpaw’ trailer

Up above is the all-new, first look trailer at Southpaw — starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams (love her.) Gyllenhaal is a boxer with a wife and a daughter, but after a tragedy he turns to drugs and alcohol before cleaning up and planning one more comeback. The story has more depth than what I just surmised in just the trailer above so watch and see some of the other events that unfold. In fact, it may have given away too much but I am absolutely hooked and want to see this movie now (so job well done, trailer makers.) Plus, if you can’t draw a parallel to Eminem here…

As you can see, the headline is indeed part of the reason for posting too. Eminem prefaced sharing the trailer as a “sneak peak of some new stuff I’ve been working on.” The song, at the end, sounds pretty good so far and I wonder if it’ll stick over the long-term more than “Guts Over Fear” ended up doing for me and the masses last year.

Also starring in the movie by the way: Forest Whitaker, 50 Cent (you’ll see him in the trailer), and not in the trailer but on IMDB: Rita Ora and Tyrese.