Premiere: Jon Content “Somebody” f/ Shelby Obleton

We’re proud to premiere some soulful new hip hop and R&B in the form of “Somebody” — an audio/visual experience from Chicago’s Jon Content, featuring singer Shelby Obleton, and directed by one of our longtime favorites behind the lens: Cam Be.

This is a song for anyone who’s ever felt doubted and given the lyrics and visual, you can take it a few different ways. Content has some very relatable lines, delivered calmly by the way, and Obleton’s hook is well sung as well. They both ride to the vibe set by producers Cass, John Wynn, and Content himself.

What really took the song another level was the visual — an engaging mix of Chicago winter scenery with stop motion animation, poignant color correction, and cinematic pans. Every “Camovement” gets better and better and these subtle edits help stand “Somebody” apart from the many up and coming videos we see every week.

Look for this one off Chasing Grace — the Jon Content album coming soon.

*Tibs Fav.