Steph Curry x Davidson Documentary

In 2008, we were all introduced to who may well end up the 2015 NBA MVP.

Steph Curry took his Davidson College Wildcats to the Elite 8 in a magical, Cinderella run through the NCAA Tournament that saw Curry pour in 40 points, then 30, 33, and 25 versus the favored Gonzaga, Georgetown, Wisconsin, and Kansas respectably.

Curry was the talk of the tournament, donning a cover of Sports Illustrated, eventually winning ESPY Breakthrough Athlete of the Year, and showing us our first glimpse at the off-the-dribble deep 3s and twisting layups we’re used to seeing today.

I was one of the many swept up in Curry’s game and Davidson’s run so, with March Madness in full swing, Bleacher Report produced this fascinating 10 minute mini-doc on the 2008 Tourney. It features all the rare footage of the best highlights and sit-downs with Curry, Davidson coach Bob McKillop, and CBS commentators Jim Nantz and Gus Johnson who called Curry’s memorable moments. In fact, it was Nantz’ recollection of a small, but touching moment in Davidson’s first game versus Gonzaga that drove home how special this run was.

Any Steph Curry fan will really appreciate this, so click here to watch (unfortunately, can’t embed.)