Kanye West ‘Fondation Louis Vuitton’ (Official Video)

Man am I grateful to see some official, HD video of this. In general, we have to stop settling for poor quality phone video uploaded to Instagram. I know that’s how it is for quickness now, but visuals like these are a reminder that this type of quality can really do an experience justice and create a stronger first impression.

Anywho, it’s Kanye West’s Fondation Louis Vuitton run during Paris Fashion Week recently and the video shows off the amazing DONDA Surround visuals that no footage before it has truly encapsulated. Every example they showed felt so close to reality and the additional screens and nature were just beautiful.

I would have loved to see the overhead angled shot during some of the nature scenes and maybe Kanye on a path walking through the forest scene. Something like that. Ideas like this are surely flowing freely amongst us all so something like these visuals is really only just scratching the surface while paradoxically being ahead of the game. ✖‿✖