Shlohmo ‘Dark Red’ (Album Stream)

L.A. producer Shlohmo has continually impressed since I’ve followed him after his first Jeremih collab a few years ago now. This may be his best work to date.

Click here for the Shlohmo ‘Dark Red’ (Album Stream) as Shlohmo allows listeners a full preview of the LP before it becomes available on Tuesday, April 7th. (One click to log in to the NYT via Facebook and you’ll be good to go.)

The album carries a dark tone throughout, which is what I expected, but the amount of layers and changes within each track give the album an even longer feel. It took me a track to get into the mood as “Meet Ur Maker” is what really reeled me in. The couple of the descriptions I read (below) are pretty apt. I enjoyed the fusion of metal, for instance, which means I was one of the young ones actually excited at the Metallica headlining Lolla announcement last week.

The album is an uncanny marriage of his ever-evolving, richly textured sound with shades of 90s IDM, R&B, cassette-tape Jungle, and, in an unexpected turn, sludge metal. “It sounds like if Electric Wizard tried to make an R&B record,” he says, “or Boards of Canada meets Burzum by the River Styx.”

Many of the song titles on Shlohmo’s second album, “Dark Red,” describe transitions: “Emerge From Smoke,” “Slow Descent,” “Fading.” These feel appropriate for the Los Angeles producer, who makes oozing, transformative music that slips from soundscape into another.

Other top-tier tracks I enjoyed: “Emerge From Smoke”, “Slow Descent”, “Relentless”, and “Fading” (the latter two, more uptempo.) This is the type of album that’ll only grow on you with more listens, I can already tell. Click again here and vibe out. (Love this album art of the rose too.)