Common vs. John Legend Lip Sync Battle

I was waiting for video of this and boy, am I not disappointed.

The Lip Sync Battle between Common and John Legend took place last night and seemingly everyone was tweeting about it while I was watching some Warriors-Suns. Beside the point, Common and Legend went ALL OUT.

Dances, costumes, grills, just about everything you can think of for the friendly battle.

First, here’s Common “I Want You Back” vs. John Legend “Slow Motion”. What song choices.

Here’s Common break dancing as Lionel Richie for the next battle… forreal, wow. That’s growing up in Chi-City for ya.


Then Legend channeled some MC Hammer “Running Man” and had help from his wife Chrissy Teigen. This is pitted against Common’s “All Night Long” by Lionel Richie. I didn’t think a full on Lip Sync Battle (on Spike TV btw) could work as a show but at least with the “Glory” duo, it did. Watch above and below ICYMI.