Lecrae “Welcome To America”

Lecrae’s Anomaly has reached its next level of post-promotion as Lecrae drops a powerful video for the tri-perspective “Welcome To America” and also performs “All I Need Is You” on GMA. If you need a break from Kendrick’s lyrics this month, revisit Lecrae’s album. Both of these videos should reel ya in.

“‘Welcome to America’ is a special song because I think everyone has a unique perspective on America,” Lecrae explained to MTV. “I wrote the song from three different perspectives, so there’s three different people who have different perspectives of what America is.”

“You’ve got a guy who’s from one community, another guy from a completely different community and then you’ve got a person who’s not from America and [it’s] their perspective on what America is. Everyone sees it differently, through different lenses, and it makes us stake a step back and look at ourselves.”