Drake Full Coachella Set



Overall, Drake brought the energy and I was particularly impressed at how he sounded identical to his studio recordings. There were many live version flow switches that were subtle details to appreciate too. The highlights of Drake’s set were the first few songs up to “Headlines” as he played to the crowd’s initial energy. But the crowd kind of went dead afterwards, maybe moreso because this was about hour 12 of the day after Friday and Saturday too.

The deadest moment from the crowd was when Madonna came out as Drake’s special guest (after he performed “Madonna”, naturally). After all, she performed a couple of songs that were older than the median age of the crowd, so many didn’t get the “Human Nature” references. It was at a lowpoint when Madonna tried to get a rise from the crowd 3 times in a row but got very small cheers so she tried to get a rise out of Drake (ayo!) Happy Monday, east coasters.



The memes and jokes will be bountiful. So thanks for that, Drake?

Anywho, the last couple highlights of the set was the “10 Bands” x “Energy” x “Know Yourself” combo. I love the Woes drop and the front portion of the crowd appropriately got hype for that. That moment would be the main reason I’d go see Drake on tour. Felt that energy across the stream, though I know it can be even crazier.

Drake ended on “Started”, followed by more of “Legend” (what he started with, no pun intended). It was well-executed as the cameras panned out to reveal more of the jungle set that we didn’t get to totally see in the stream for the hour before. All in all, I can’t knock Drake himself for the effort, but I couldn’t help but notice flaws (or different preferences) of song order or more pyro, lights, and/or lasers (the latter 2 were non existent.) Drake was too much of a one-man show so some more theatrics would have helped the performance. The multiple rectangle screens throughout were tight, but too similar to Kanye’s recent shows also. Agree or disagree? Tweet us @gowherehiphop