Lupe Fiasco “Adoration of the Magi” f/ Crystal Torres

“Adoration of the Magi” grew to be one of my favorites off of Tetsuo & Youth. Once I understood all the album cover allusions in the hook, the song jumped that extra level for me. Probably the coolest mind blown moment listening to hip hop this year and I can’t help but feel smarter when this comes on everytime my iPhone is plugged into the car (it plays the first song, alphabetically for some reason so “Adoration” reigns king.)

Anyway, the song now sees a surprise new video release today that doesn’t star Lupe, rather, a stripper. The entire video features various slow pans across a strip club with an abundance of unusual characters you wouldn’t normally see in a strip club. Per usual with Lupe (and frequent collaborator, director Alex Nazari), he delivers a deeper message by the end, which came at the exact right time of the song too — the masterful end of the 3rd verse.

At this point, press play but be sure to look both ways first, it’s clearly NSFW.