Trey Songz ‘Intermission EP’

Trey Songz is the latest to pull off the surprise release as, with no indication whatsover, lets loose a quick 6-track EP titled Intermission.

It’s all solo and all R&B as after a live show interlude, Trey slows it down for 5 songs that’ll make longtime fans happy. This is all a premise for Trigga: Reloaded, which now has a June 23rd release date as well. Appreciate the new music, Trey. Feels like it’s been a minute since last summer.

Early *TIBS FAV. — “Talk About It”. It’s all real solid, but this one stood out to me the most on first-run through. Great lyrics, story, and production that reminds me of Passion, Pain, & Pleasure era.

Listen: Trey Songz ‘Intermission EP’