Kanye West’s SAIC Honorary Degree

In recent months, it was announced that Kanye West will be receiving an honorary college degree from where he so famously dropped out before his 1st album, SAIC — the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

FADER released a new interview with SAIC’s Dean Lisa Wainwright who talked about the decision to award Kanye with the degree, the resistance to it from some alums, and his overall impact on the school’s curriculum and the mindset they intend to teach their students. I loved some of her many quotables (a couple down below) and couldn’t agree more with rewarding Kanye’s talent, genius, and overall impact. Plus, this story’s close to us since GWHH co-founder Maks G is a proud SAIC alum and I can attest to the amazing curriculum offered by the school just by being close to Maks’ projects, classes, as well as his peers.

There’s this sense that high art is what we honor, and pop culture is not what we teach in art school. I think that’s a problem.

“What art school teaches—what our art school teaches—is how to think creatively even outside of the field in which you operate, and Kanye does that. He slips between these disciplines in such interesting ways. And that’s what art school teaches you: how to keep modeling new ideas, and by modeling I really mean physically modeling thoughts and concepts and issues. I think art school, in some ways, is going to jump ahead of college, universities, in providing an education for young people who don’t really know what the field will be next. But to teach at the kind of innovating, creative, problem-solving, model iteration, flexibility, bad-ass radicalism that Kanye certainly engages—I think that’s good.”

— SAIC Dean Lisa Wainwright

Between this, and TIME, Kanye’s reeling in even more prestigious accomplishments.