Lou Williams wins 6th Man of the Year

Fresh off the (Twitter) press, Raptors guard Lou Williams has officially been named the winner of this year’s 6th Man of the Year Award — the first of the NBA season awards to be announced so far.

So… did Drake have a hand in Lou winning?

Louuuuu Willllll averaged an impressive 15.5 PPG off the bench and was famously the inspiration of “6 Man” off Drake’s IYRTITL, one of my favorite songs off the mixtape and still in rotation, in fact. The song though even featured a whole first stanza dedicated to Williams. The smooth flow, beat, and the lines themselves… from Drake… certainly added a cool factor to Lou for the casual fan so maybe it had an influence in what was a tight race?

To be honest… maybe, yeah! Though the award is voted on by members of the NBA press, I’m sure some of them are attuned to pop culture happenings. Some are definitely not though, like for example, I heard an NBA Lockdown podcast recently and the hosts were marveling at the catchy “6 Man” red button that the Raptors sent out to the press encouraging them to vote for Lou Will. They didn’t know the tune that played was from the song, nor the next line was “2 girls and they get along like I’m.. Lou Will”. Hah! (Speaking of which, I want one of these red buttons to play at my leisure.)

TL;DR Lou Williams wins the award, maybe aided by cool name-drops and videos by Drake.