Derrick Rose G3 vs. Bucks (Full Highlights)

Because when D. Rose’s scores the most points in the playoffs since his 1st knee injury, we need the full highlights.

ICYMI, Rose led the Bulls to a double overtime win in Milwaukee with 34 points and 8 assists during 48 minutes of play (probably the most encouraging stat over all.) He was breathtaking in driving to the rim, with one especially vintage drive through everyone on the team for a layup, and was knocking down the trey ball with 5 3-pointers on the night.

Here’s a couple of those plays in Vine form if you don’t have the 7 minutes or so handy. If you do, then be sure to also peep Hardwood Paroxysm by noon today where I’ll have even more on this game… namely, my first-hand account of the game since I was there! It was electric, let me tell ya. I’m still in a haze of lightheadedness (from coffee, guys), fatigue (still had to drive home), a hoarse voice, and just surreal deliriousness from being a part of that crowd and drive back home.

UPDATE: Here’s the link: First-Hand Observations of Bulls-Bucks Game 3. Enjoy!

Whoo! MVP Rose is back.