Lupe Fiasco “Just Might Be OK” f/ Gemini (Unreleased)

Here’s a surprise!

And an uplifting one at that as, appearing randomly tonight on his YouTube page, is Lupe Fiasco’s new, unreleased visuals for “Just Might Be OK” — the Food & Liquor classic (yup, classic) that featured Gemstones (a.k.a. Gemini at the time) singing the soulful hook. (Lu hasn’t said anything about it at posting time on social media…)

The visuals are aptly timed with what’s going on in Baltimore this week, detailed in TIME today btw, and at the end of the video there’s a powerful clip edited in. It doesn’t match the stark image of the cover below, but in light of Baltimore, this is a fitting video and one to hang your hat on. We just might be OK?!