Jahan (of Krewella) “When The Bullet Hits Home”

My friend JT and I just wrote this together- ‘When the Bullet Hits Home.’ Shout out to our homie Carlos Reyes for capturing the moment.

— Jahan

“When The Bullet Hits Home” is a raw, acoustic new song penned and sung by Jahan who ups the pace and delivers a strong, hard-hitting message in the wake of all the police brutality of the past year (and beyond). The video shows her and J.T. playing the song while images and video of as recent as the Baltimore riots appear. I have no doubt this will hit home for many, and props to Jahan for not only the message but the quality of the song itself too. Her vocals and delivery are something fresh compared to the usual EDM beat behind her so I appreciated that as well.

*Tibs Fav.

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