Jimmy Butler wins NBA Most Improved Player

Today, the last of the NBA’s season awards became official and it’s the hometown’s Jimmy Butler who wins the NBA Most Improved Player Award.

He finished with 92 of 129 first-place votes, which makes for 71% — the highest percentage for an MIP award winner in league history. Draymond Green finished in 2nd and said today that if he had a vote, he would have voted for Jimmy as well.

I’m sure I speak for Bulls Nation when I say that we’re all proud of Jimmy’s accomplishment since he embodies what our city is all about. He’s the blue-collar worker, mentally tough, and team-first player that has made him one of the city’s most revered athletes, now in his 4th year with Chicago. Butler thanked his teammates first and foremost in today’s acceptance speech (watch here) just moments ago at the United Center. His humility always goes noticed and today’s press conference was no different as he remains single-minded on continuing to work and improve individually and above all: winning a championship for Chicago.

The whole city behind ya, Jimmy. Here’s the NBA’s top 10 Plays of Jimmy Butler’s season, including some highlights from last week’s 1st round victory over Milwaukee. Plus, ICYMI, the debut of the (very hilarious) Jimmy Butler Show.