Next Season’s NBA Christmas Jerseys

UPDATE: Uni-Watch has a detailed look at the leaked adidas catalogue today, which also brings about small detail changes on the Nuggets & Rockets unis + which teams will rock throwbacks next year (our hometown Bulls are going to be rockin’ the crisp MJ rookie script font jerseys, nice.)


Christmas is a long way away this year, especially given the context of the NBA because we’re in the 2nd round of the season before the next Christmas arrives, but I couldn’t resist a posting of today’s reveal of next season’s Christmas jerseys.

Uni-Watch drops the exclusive, with more details on why teams like the Bucks, Sixers, and Raptors don’t appear in the gallery above (they all have new unis lined up), and the special Hawks jersey that features some seasonal, maybe not seasonal lime green. It also looks like red wrapping paper.

In general, the NBA is going with no sleeves (nice!) and a script font for a classic look. The “greige” color on the jerseys is meant to feel like parchment (not literally) and the NBA logo has a wax style seal on it to continue the Christmas card motif.


I’m a fan! Script fonts on jerseys are classic and I definitely got an old 70s feel from the Bulls, Knicks, and in general. It’s a little overwhelming to see nearly all of the teams together at once like this, but when focusing on team-by-team, it really works.