Possible Toronto ‘Drakes’ uniforms revealed

Following up on yesterday’s official reveal of next season’s Christmas jerseys, a new photo has leaked with the new Toronto Raptors jerseys for next year.

Perhaps not a surprise is the Black/OVO Gold colorway that is set for an alternate thread. I believe Zach Lowe’s nickname for the Toronto Drakes will catch on even more if these jerseys prove to be true. And hey, if you’re the Raptors… why wouldn’t you go with this alternate colorway? That’d be great branding and probably the coolest jersey to rock for the casual fan who also happens to like Drake.

In general though, I hope there’s a little more to the sides of the jerseys, which we can’t fully tell yet. It feels a little bland and I like the current threads a lot already. We shall see the next step… here’s the home/away:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 2.10.03 PM

h/t theScore