Taylor Swift f/ Kendrick Lamar “Bad Blood”

The Tay-Tay x K. Dot collab turned from wishful thinking to reality tonight as “Bad Blood” just premiered in both audio and video form.

Kendrick delivers not one, but two slick verses and Ms. Swift admittedly drops a catchy hook. That said… top 10 hit for sure?


I then watched the video (dir. Joesph Kahn), which premiered at the same time and features a flurry of celebrities making cameos as characters around Catastrophe (Swift) and Welvin Da Great (Lamar a.k.a. Morpheus). It’s over the top, sure, but has some cool moments and technology throughout (my favorite being the car they sit in.)

What does everyone think of Kendrick’s guest appearance on a song/video like this? Does the crossover work or maybe it hurts his rep? Tweet me your thoughts @gowherehiphop