Trudell ‘Focused On The Sky’ Mixtape

Chicago’s very own Trudell has released his DJ MoonDawg-sponsored mixtape titled ‘Focused On The Sky.’ Being from Chicago, we know it’s a good one.

The 26-year-old emcee uses music to tell stories about the good and bad of Chicago as well as his own inner struggles. Growing up in a single parent household, he can relate to many of those who share the experience as him. Luckily, he has his music to keep him sane. He puts his passion into writing, education and music – a true role model in the Chicago area.

When¬†Trudell isn’t in the booth, he’s in the classroom teaching students and opening their eyes to how important education is.

The mixtape, with already 100,000 downloads, gives listeners a chance to close their eyes and imagine¬†what Trudell feels inside. Touching on many personal topics, you will at least relate to one (or more than one) song off of ‘Focused On The Sky.’

Listen to his entire mixtape here. You won’t be disappointed. What are you waiting for? Press play and enjoy some real Chicago music.